Douglas Parent, Voice Talent

When Douglas was eight years old, he made his debut as a public speaker at a Christmas Mass at his local church.  Since experiencing the thrill of that first performance, Douglas has continued entertaining, instructing and educating audiences in various capacities right up until today as Voice Talent for VersaTell Studios. 

As an actor, Douglas’ stage performances include an elderly toymaker in “Midnight Frolic”, a young, impetuous, recently “winged” angel in “Down to Earth”, the Cowardly Lion in “The Wizard of Oz”, disgruntled funeral attendee in “The Balcony Scene”,  a cockney stage hand in Noel Coward’s “Red Peppers”, grafitti artist in “Runaways”, alcoholic telegraph operator in “The Human Comedy”, and Spanish neighbor in Neil Simon’s female version of “The Odd Couple”.

Douglas also has extensive experience as a musician from High School as a member of the elite “All Eastern Chrous” representing the best singers from each state up and down the eastern seaboard singing at Boston’s Symphony Hall, to performing at Carnegie Hall with the Tufts University Chorus.   Douglas’ vocal training has taught him the necessary skills of voice and breath control required for challenging vocal work.

Professionally, Douglas worked as a disc jockey for many years at WHYR FM, manning the evening show on this soft rock music station.   Having started in his work at WHYR in high school, Douglas showed at an early age his ability to use a mic well. 

In addition to his voice talent, Douglas is an experienced engineer with training in electrical and software engineering.  He has combined his technical knowledge and performance skills as a technical writer and instructor, making complex technical subjects easily understandable by the less technical.  His background makes him unusually well suited for voice work that requires the ability to grasp and convey technical meaning.

Douglas’ diverse background with a combination of smarts and arts helps put the “versatile” into VersaTell Studios.