A Christmas Carol For The American Ear

About Audiobooks for the American Ear

Many worthy artists have succeeded in producing top quality productions of many timeless classics. Audiobooks for the American Ear attempts to make these classics more accessible to American listeners by narrating the stories using the American accent. Characters are performed using period and place accents as necessary to maintain realism but always keeping in mind the American listener who may have difficulty understanding different accents. We hope Audiobooks for the American Ear breathes new life into these classics for you and reveals to you new jewels hidden in these timeless treasures.

A Christmas Carol

“A Christmas Carol for the American Ear” is an unabridged reading of Charles Dickens’ original classic Christmas tale about Ebenezer Scrooge and his journey into Christmas Joy narrated in the style of “Audiobooks for the American Ear”.

Below are three excerpts from the audiobook. Please have a listen!

      1. A Christmas Carol: Beginning of Stave One

      2. Scrooge Speaks With Marley

      3. Christmas yet to Come: Business Men on 'Change

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